Kimberley ter Heerdt (1994, NL) located in NL. Graduated from Graphic Design/Experimental Publishing at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. Open for freelance inquiries and opportunities to collaborate with others. (Temporary website, selected works)


#2&3 of The Monetisation of Language by Google Adwords which is a hybrid publishing model (Distributor > Manuscript > Php > Md > Pdf > Lulu API > Publication) made with the Google Adwords system where the amount of money leads the narrative of the book. This publishing model allows you to buy a re-written, most commercial and profitable most profitable version of its original text. Momentary looking for writers to work together on further development of this project, feel free to contact.

2019 Launch catalogue of The Best Dutch Book Designs Student Jury together with Zsa Zsa Tuffy

2019 ¼ Student Jury of The Best Dutch Book Designs 2018, NL
2018 Exposition of '01.01.20' at the NeMe Gallery in Collaboration with The Institute of Network Cultures Limassol, CY.
2018 Internship ZeroDotZero, NL
2017 Nomination & Exposition Crypto Design Awards, Paradiso, NL
2017 Followed Research/Experimental Publishing Platform, ArtEZ lead by Thomas Castro and Remco van Bladel, NY
2017 Published in Re:Thinking the Blockchain by Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones & Sam Skinner.
2016 Exposition at 3 sec Gallery, Breda
2016 Talk at The Hmm, LIMA, NL
From ‘The Monetisation of Language by Google Adwords #1'
From 'Identity GDA Open Day 2016'
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